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Prior to the advent of professional home design software, if you wanted to drastically remodel your home you had to enlist the help of a contractor or architect to help you draw up blueprints. However, now with the invention of computers and new technology, you can have some of the very best home design software available to you with the click of a button! You can choose from a wide variety of programs that offer almost any type of feature from interior graphic design to calculating construction pricing, and generating a list of necessary supplies to viewing a three-dimensional image of your blueprints.  With the multitude of programming options it can be hard to determine which home designer program will best suite your needs. However, our DIY experts here will enlighten you to the top 2016 home design software reviews to help you make an easy and informed decision.


Home Design Software

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Whether you are looking for simple home design ideas, or need a unique way to visualize your custom floor plans, these software programs are sure to help you with your DIY remodel. The most popular home design software on the market is supplied by Punch!, Chief Architect, and HGTV. These 3D graphic software programs offer some of the easiest home design plans pre-programmed for you, but also allow you to upload the dimensions of your own home to create a custom blueprint. While that feature is standard in most interior design software, something unique to the professional program offered by Chief Architect is the cost estimation tool which will calculate the price of the construction. Not only will you know whether or not your new home designs are in your price range, but the program will also generate a list of supplies to make it easier to know what you need to purchase!


2016 Design Software

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Auto CAD software, or computer aided design, is the latest in technological advances for DIY home remodelers as it brings the function of a professional architect to your very fingertips! One of the most beneficial features of most home and landscape design software is the ability of these programs to generate a three-dimensional image of your floor plans. Now you can visualize exactly what your designs will look like by taking a virtual walk through your home or see a birds-eye view of the exterior of your home! What’s more, instead of purchasing these programs for a rather hefty price, you can find a multitude free 3d home design software programs that are available for download immediately on your computer. Continue reading further for more information on these free downloads that will help you get more ideas for your home interior design and most popular living room decorating ideas!


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Most modern home design programs on the market today can range in price anywhere from $30 to $500, with the pricier software offering more floor plans, more furniture, cabinetry, and paint color options, and overall more features. The average DIY home designer will not need, or even use many of the feature offered in the professional grade programs. For this reason it can be a lot more cost-effective and worthwhile to utilize the free design software trials that most companies provide for their products. Chief Architect offers a 30-day free home design software download that provides you with some of the key features of these programs, with no cost to you! Utilize these free trials to experiment with the pre-designed floor plans, look at the variety of interior decorating options, and play around with different color schemes.


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