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A living room can be a great space in your house to give a do it yourself makeover. There are a lot of different style trends to choose from to make your space match the design of any home. From country, to modern, to contemporary, there are a lot of design options. Whether you are looking for more plans for a formal living room or more simple living room designs, we can give you the best style tips and tricks to help you get started on your diy renovation project. For a quick and easy remodel, you can simply change the color of paint on your walls to give your space a whole new look. Or if you would like to do a full remodel you can change out the color scheme, furniture, and decorations to create a brand new room. Look through our pictures of top 2016 living room ideas for inspiration into your design plan.


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A great way to get started on your new living room make over is to search through photo galleries of home design trends. In these pictures of living rooms you can find different ideas for color scheme, d├ęcor, and furniture. Images of living room decorating ideas can even provide you with reviews on where to get the best materials for your remodel at an affordable price. They can also provide you with the most popular design trends so that you can keep your house up to date with the latest styles. Another great source for help with your diy remodeling project is to download some free interior design software. This online program can help you plan and design your new living room space, without the added cost of hiring a professional interior decorator.


Living Room Designs

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Once you have decided upon the best style decorating for your living room, you will then want to select a color scheme for your plan. Some of the top 2016 wall paint colors include shades of purple, teal, green, and orange. These hues can look wonderful in any design. Painting living rooms in a light teal shade with accents of purple and orange in the furniture and decoration is extremely popular for 2016. Some more of the most popular living room paint colors include painting the walls alight green with white or dark brown wood furniture. This combination is simple yet elegant, and can promote a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. Add a large plush sofa to the design for a cozy place for your friends and family to gather.


Living Room Ideas

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If you are looking for more contemporary design ideas, you can opt for shades of red and brown for a beautiful rustic look. Paint your living room walls a deep shade of red and accent them with light brown furniture and curtain. For modern living room designs, stick to a simple monochromatic color scheme using shades of beige, grey, white, and black. For a splash of color, add accent shades such as bright orange, red, or teal in decoration and furniture. When you have a smaller space, be sure to stick to pale colors so that the light will reflect off the walls and make the room appear more open and large. Great small living room ideas include light shades on the wall and less bulky furniture. Opt for smaller sofas and chairs so that not too much space is taken up. No matter the design style you choose for your home, there are countless living room plans to choose from to make your home beautiful and welcoming.


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