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Small Kitchen Ideas


The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, therefore it is essential that you utilize decorating ideas that incorporate organization, plenty of storage, and ample open space. Although open floor plans are ideal when cooking for large groups of people or hanging out with family, some homeowners who have small kitchens have to make do with little space. However, remodeling a small kitchen does not mean you have to be stingy in your design plans or limit yourself to one style. We can help you make good use of what space you do have to create a beautiful and welcoming kitchen for your family. Our site boasts photo galleries filled with some of the most popular small kitchen designs ideas and pictures for you to use and inspiration in your renovation.


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When designing a small kitchen, there are a few important things to consider, the first of which being your layout. You will want to use what little space you do have wisely, therefore opt to purchase items such as a small table for four instead of six, and storage solutions that build up instead of out. Portable small islands are great for homeowners who are working with little space because they can be pulled out for extra counter space when you need it, but tucked neatly away when it is not in use. Other simple ideas for small kitchens include installing can lights in your ceiling which will brighten up the room, without the cluttered and crowded feeling a hanging light will create. Continue reading for some help tips and tricks to use when embarking on your kitchen makeover.


Small Kitchen Design

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The number of DIY small kitchen makeovers in 2016 are expected to increase compared to last year because of the cost effectiveness of this endeavor. With the our helpful tips and the right attitude, you will learn everything you need about the trendiest pictures of kitchen designs for small layouts, helpful storage hopes to keep this space uncluttered, and even the variety of lighting tricks that can make the room appear bigger. In our pictures of small kitchens you will notice that many of these spaces are decorated with pale paint colors, lighter woods, and ample natural light. In fact, neutral or pale shades tend to be the best small kitchen paint colors because they reflect light, making the room seem bigger than it actually is. Colors expected to be trending for remodels of this small space in 2016 include ivory, pale yellow and light blue for a bright and simple design.


Small Kitchen Designs

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As can be seen in our small kitchen photo gallery, organization and storage are key features in a great design. However, for homeowners who lack organization and design skills, this can be a daunting task. Here we can teach you how to organize a small kitchen and innovative ways to create more storage space in this room. One helpful trick shown in our photos of small kitchens is to utilize overhead storage such as a hanging pot rack, or floor to ceiling cabinetry. These techniques provide extra counter and cabinet space to store food items and cookware, while adding a decorative flare. Another way to add decorative flare is to incorporate simple kitchen backsplash tile design with plain colors rather than a colorful mosaic or mural which can be costly and actually overwhelm this space.  Continue browsing through our site for more inexpensive and trendy 2016 design ideas for small kitchens.


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