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If you are looking for creative tile schemes, functional floor plans, innovative pantry storage options and more of the best kitchen design ideas this year, you have come to the right place! With the combination of our informative articles, beautiful photo galleries, and creative kitchen floor plans, you will be one step closer to quickly and easily completing your DIY makeover.  Your kitchen remodeling does not need to be an intimidating task, even applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls and cabinetry can do wonders to clean up your space. So start with simple kitchen decorating ideas that incorporate easy to clean surfaces, paint colors that hide stains and scratches, or functional storage options. These are just a few tips and tricks to get you start, continue reading for more of the top 2016 kitchen designs that will be sure to impress not only your family, but also your guests.


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Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home so it is important to make this space elegant yet functional.   Opt for new kitchen ideas and layouts that have open spaces, tall ceilings, and spacious cabinets to help keep this area free of clutter. Some of the most popular, and unique, pictures of kitchen cabinets with popular 2016 design ideas that are trending in the recent years are styles that integrate turn tables within. This type of design will not only provide you with more storage, but also make it easier to store your household items. Purchase these turn table style white cabinets to complement your contemporary kitchen décor, or opt for dark stained wood to spruce up a more traditional themed room. Other simple kitchen paint colors and decorating ideas that can increase your storage and functionality include installing pot racks above your stove for a rustic, yet practical, way to store your cookware.


Kitchen Design Pictures

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There are a variety of places that you can start looking for kitchen decorating ideas, with the first being our inspirational photo galleries. These galleries are chalk full of pictures of kitchens designed by professional architects and skilled interior decorators that are sure to provide you with insight on the best floor plans and décor schemes for your remodel. Another great resource to utilize while redecorating your home is one of the virtual kitchen designer programs that are offered by a variety of interior decorating companies.  This free kitchen design software allows homeowners to create their own floor plans, choose from a variety of cabinetry options, wood stains, and paint swatches, plus test out a variety of furniture selections. With a computer aided kitchen designer you will be one step closer to creating a unique and comforting space to enjoy with your friends and family!


Simple Kitchen Ideas

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While some homeowners have an open and spacious kitchen layout, others are limited to a smaller confined space, which can restrict their design capabilities. However, do not let the size of your kitchen hinder your DIY renovation. It is easy to find many small kitchen design ideas such as portable islands that can be pulled out when needed, yet neatly stored away when not used, to make an otherwise cramped area look wide and open. Country kitchen designs can be perfect for small spaces as the color schemes involved in this style often utilize subtle yet bright colors that help to reflect light. You can search for kitchen ideas by designs and creative decorating ideas for these styles. For smaller spaces that do not have a lot of wall space to hang pictures and other decorations, try integrating kitchen backsplash tiles in vibrant mosaic colors to create an outstanding accent piece.


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