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Replacing your kitchen countertops can be one of the most expensive parts of renovating this room. While installation prices vary depending on the size of your room, material, and installing company, putting in new kitchen counters can cost you almost $1500. If you do not have a hefty budget for this renovation, you may end up spending more money than originally planned. However, one surefire way to save money is to install your new kitchen countertop on your own. With a little help from our experts, and a quick trip to your local home improvement store, this can be a fun, affordable, do it yourself project to undertake with your spouse or friends. We can provide you with a multitude of kitchen countertop ideas on a budget, ranging from cheap materials, stores that sell these items at a discount, and even floor plans that maximize your counter space but minimize the cost!


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When working under a budget, an important aspect to consider for small kitchen design ideas are type of material you purchase for your counter. If you choose the right material, you can spend as little as $20 per square foot, while still creating a stylish and well-designed space. Ceramic tile tends to be one of the more inexpensive countertop choices, with the average cost of $20 to $100 depending on the finish, color and size of the tiles. However, some homeowners may not enjoy the maintenance required to keep the grout looking clean. A good alternative is quartz kitchen countertops which are one of the most durable options, boasting qualities such as stain and scratch resistance and an easy maintenance regimen. Depending on the color and style of the quartz you purchase, you can get the elegant look of granite kitchen countertops, at a much cheaper price of $90 per square foot.


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Other simple ideas with pictures of kitchen cabinets and countertops include incorporating the beauty of natural wood into both of these objects. Wood countertops range in price from $50-$100, making them a relatively inexpensive alternative to the traditional stone, tile, or laminate options. You can purchase these countertops in a variety of woods such as bamboo, oak, and walnut, however most require some type of seal to prevent stains and scratches. Staining or painting countertops a dark color such as black or a dark brown walnut finish can help to hide stains or scratches, but will not prevent them entirely. Solid surfacing, such as corian and formica, are a more durable alternative to wood because they are manufactured from an extremely durable acrylic polymer. Browsing through our pictures of kitchen designs will give you more insight into how these will look in your home, plus some inspiration for your own ideas.


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Installing unusual materials such as stainless steel or tempered glass countertops is predicted to be at the top of the list of trending 2016 kitchen designs because of the unique look they will bring to this space. If you are decorating your kitchen in a modern theme, utilizing stainless steel will make the room look sophisticated and chic. This material can cost up to $150 per square foot and requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking clean, however purchasing discount kitchen countertops made of stainless steel can drop the price down to about $50 per square foot. Purchasing counters made of glass can cost you almost $300 per square foot, making this a better material for smaller kitchen backsplash tile design.  Browse through our pictures of kitchen countertops to get more creative, and inexpensive ways you can use glass in this space.


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