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Kitchen Paint Colors


With the wide varieties of paint colors for kitchens that are available today, redecorating this space can be a daunting task for a beginner DIY homeowner. How do you choose from the sleek grays, blacks, and whites that are characteristic of a modern design and the more pastel greens, yellows, and blues distinctive of a country kitchen? Do you purchase Sherwin Williams or Behr paint colors, and in what finish? The DIY home design ideas that we provide will help make the task of choosing kitchen colors a little less daunting! Some of the most popular kitchen paint colors include warm neutrals such as deep reds, gold, and brown that can evoke a feeling of warmth and hunger. On the other hand, some of the best kitchen paint colors in 2016 are predicted to be bright and vibrant blues for an eclectic design, or more muted pink pastels for a simple yet elegant look.


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As one of the most used rooms in your home, so it is important to choose paint colors and designer kitchen backsplash tiles that make this space a warm and inviting place for guests to gather. Some of the best color combinations for this space include pairing dark cabinets with hues of greys on the walls and a vibrant accent such as bright blue or pink. On the other hand, neutral hues like sandy beige or creams make great kitchen paint colors with white cabinets because make they brighten and open up this space. Navy, tans, and browns are also good colors for the kitchen as they match almost any décor scheme and easily hide stains and mark from spills. Charcoal grey paired with bright reds tend to be typical modern paint colors, however you can also incorporate dark browns and energetic yellows for refreshing accents in the kitchen. Try our free paint color visualizer to get started on your new kitchen remodel with the most popular colours to choose from in 2016.


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While choosing the right kitchen colors to paint your walls is an important aspect of redecorating this space, another thing that is important to consider in your design is the color of your cabinetry. While most homeowners will opt to stain their cherry, maple, or oak cabinets to create a traditional and elegant look, some of the more recent trends focus on painting these pieces. The options for kitchen cabinet paint colors are far and many, ranging to lighter whites and creams to darker browns, blacks and even navy blue. Because cabinets take up a lot of space in this room, lighter hues such as white are ideal small kitchen paint colors because they tend to reflect light to make it feel more open. A more glossy finish can also create this reflection of light to open up the space. Brand name designers like Sherwin Williams and Behr paint colors are available in a variety of finishes such as satin or gloss for this effect.


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With our expertise in interior paint colors we will help you stay ahead of the trends and determine what the best kitchen paint colors are for your décor! Our informative articles provide you with information on popular paint colors for kitchens, ideas on the different shades to stain oak, walnut or maple cabinets, plus ways you can incorporate a variety of accent hues into your design. What’s more, our online photo galleries house some of the best kitchen pictures with paint color ideas for you to use as inspiration! The top kitchen paint colors in 2016 are predicted to be warm neutrals like greyish whites, hazy blues, and mute browns. However more of the best kitchen colors for the new year include olive green, smoky plum, and mustard yellow. Regardless of what hues you choose to use, we can provide you with a multitude of kitchen wall paint color ideas that will be sure to make this space warm and inviting!


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