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Great kitchen design incorporates exceptional functionality with beautiful decor. This room often becomes the gathering space of a home so it is important that it is both inviting and functional. Although flooring, paint color and countertops play a large role in establishing the design scheme and color palette, the focal point of any memorable kitchen is the cabinetry. Not only does this key feature establish the architectural scheme, but it is also the single most important element in determining the overall functionality of the kitchen. Cabinet organization determines the floor plan and workflow as well as provides the majority of storage potential for the kitchen. Whether you are purchasing brand new or refinishing existing cabinetry, our design professionals will help you find the best products for your space. Read ahead for our popular guide to the best kitchen cabinet ideas for 2016 and get ready to design the gorgeous home of your dreams.


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Selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen makeover can be intimidating. Cabinetry is often the most costly element in the remodeling budget. Therefore, it is important to be sure that you are choosing the best product for the space. Browsing our pictures of kitchen cabinets is a great way to begin the selection process. There is an endless variety of cabinetry products available today, from custom solid oak and maple varieties to modern stainless steel and everything in between. No matter what your favorite kitchen decorating ideas may be, you are sure to find a fabulous cabinet style to accentuate the look. Since kitchen cabinets are the backbone of the space, be sure to consider functionality as well as beauty. For example, while modern open cabinetry creates a great industrial look in photos, the lack of doors may not be practical for everyday use.


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One of the most popular styles in today’s marketplace is traditional white cabinets. These are incredibly versatile and can complement nearly any design scheme. Even better, this style is the safest choice for retail, because the blank canvas provides huge versatility to new homebuyers. With this blank canvas you can use one of today’s popular kitchen wall colors to add vibrancy and design interest to the walls. If you do not wish to purchase an entirely new set, there is a wide variety of kitchen cabinet refacing ideas that will transform the look without the large price tag. Refacing involves removing cabinet doors, building a new “face” and using the existing bases to re-mount the newly refurbished doors. This is a great option for homeowners leaning towards refinishing their cabinetry, but would also like to alter the architectural profile of the current pieces. In addition, you can download easy to use kitchen cabinet software design tools that are most time free onilne.


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It is especially important to select the right cabinetry when designing a small kitchen. Proper cabinet organization and placement is key, so free kitchen design software is your best asset when planning the new space. In order to maximize the floor plan you have available, add custom pieces such as a space saving corner cabinet or built-in lazy susan pantry feature. Check out our popular galleries filled with small kitchen design ideas to learn innovative ways to maximize the d├ęcor and storage capabilities of your cabinetry. Taking time to assess your family’s cooking and storage needs then planning ahead with those in mind will ensure that your cabinet selections will work well in your routine. Spectacular kitchen cabinets will become the star of your small space.


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