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Installing backsplash tile in your kitchen is a great way to add a decorative mosaic accent piece to this space, while also creating an easy to clean surface behind stoves and sinks. There are a wide variety of styles for kitchen backsplashes, making it easy for any DIY homeowner to find something that will go with their décor scheme. Some of the most popular kitchen backsplash designs trending this year involve creating colorful tile murals with glass to liven up the walls of this space or to choose a bright ceramic tile as a statement piece. In fact, this type of design is an exceptional way to revive an old white kitchen; the accent color can do wonders to update a timeworn style. Regardless of your reason for redecorating, our experts here can help you find some of the best kitchen backsplash tile ideas to help you spruce up this room.


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Many homeowners focus on sprucing up their kitchen paint colors as quick and easy way to update their space without spending too much time or money on the project.  However, what these beginner do-it-yourselfers do not realize is that installing backsplash tiles along the walls of your cabinets is a relatively inexpensive, and decorative, way to spruce up their kitchen. You can purchase ceramic, porcelain, marble, or glass backsplash tile for anywhere between $10 to $30 a square foot, however undertaking this project on your own can significantly reduce the cost.  Plus with the easy to use self adhesive backsplash tile for kitchen, you can save money on supplies and a mess during your project. Visit our photo gallery to see a multitude of inspirational pictures of kitchen designs with how other homeowners and designers use backsplashes in their designs!


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Want to learn how to tile a kitchen backsplash, you have come to the right place. With our DIY tips and tricks you will be learning how to install ceramic, glass, or marble pieces, create a variety of tile patterns, plus receive some inspiration on kitchen counter pictures that will pair well with your beautiful new backsplash! Dark granite countertops look great paired with a lighter stone tile backsplash as the opposite colors contrast perfectly while brightening the room. Pair these colors with dark stained cabinetry and you create a look that is straight out of home décor magazines! Some of the most popular pictures of kitchen cabinets that pair well with these darker granite tiles include darker cherry and walnut woods, while oak tends to pair better with lighter ceramic or marble backsplashes.


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Just a few simple kitchen design ideas that incorporate back splashes into their décor scheme include modern, contemporary, and vintage styles, while the more traditional themes vary on whether or not this décor is present. Silver rectangular glass tile pieces look great with a modern design, contrasting greatly with stainless steel appliances that are characteristic of this style. Although larger kitchens have more wall space to install a backsplash tile ideas, small spaces can also incorporate this innovative 2016 home design as well. Our online photo galleries house numerous small kitchen design ideas with many different backsplash designs such as large beige granite pieces or tiny colorful glass mosaics. These photos make an excellent resource for homeowners to begin to get do it yourself design ideas, as well as see the variety tile for kitchen backsplash that are available in stores and online.


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