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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Beautiful diy kitchen makeovers can be some of the most challenging and most rewarding projects for a diy home remodeler. Because these high traffic areas are oftentimes the hub of the home, your hard work will be appreciated by many. These rooms can be challenging, however, due to the large number of important elements located in these spaces. You must make decisions on everything from functional floorcoverings, to cabinet design and appliance placement. The finishing details such as hardware and decorative coverings are some of the most important features as they have the ability to make or break the overall design palette. Kitchen backsplashes are one of these key items. A beautiful new tile back splash can take your space from ordinary to extraordinary in hours. Read ahead to find our most popular kitchen backsplash ideas and pictures feature today’s hottest trends and the best products for 2016.


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Seasoned diy home remodelers know that great kitchen design begins with the finishing touches in a space such as beautiful hardware, great floor coverings and intricate backsplashes. Any of your favorite stylish kitchen counter pictures can be accentuated with the addition of a unique backsplash. These fabulous design features add an additional decorative element as well as serve a practical purpose shielding walls from cooking spills and food residue. If you browse today’s most popular pictures of kitchen designs you will notice the item that they all have in common – a unique coordinating backsplash. The top 2016 designs feature modern glass subway tile and organic materials such as a rustic brick backsplash or mosaic river rock.  The sky is the limit with this unique design feature so get creative when selecting your supplies.


Kitchen Backsplashes

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Installing kitchen backsplash is an incredibly easy weekend project. With the right products and our helpful remodeling tips, you can completely transform the look of your kitchen in just a few hours. Tile for kitchen backsplashes is the most versatile and forgiving material to work with as it comes in an endless array of patterns and colors ready to adhere to your wall. Check out our gallery filled with images featuring great kitchen backsplash tile design to get inspired. If you prefer a more rustic look, untraditional materials such as exposed brick, patterned tin or even highly varnished wood can be used instead of ordinary kitchen tile.  Browse our popular albums filled with unique country kitchen ideas to see how to bring this backsplash style into your home. Ideas for kitchen backsplashes are endless so get creative and experiment with materials.


Simple Design Ideas

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Installing a kitchen backsplash is a fabulous way to add an element of design to a small space. Diy home remodelers know that it is hard to incorporate great design elements into limited floor plan without making a space appear cluttered. The best small kitchen design ideas feature unique backsplashes that provide an element of style as well as functionality without taking up valuable space. Use backsplash tile as a way to incorporate color and texture without overwhelming the space. Our favorite simple kitchen ideaskeep countertop clutter at a minimum in order to let the backsplash be the artistic focal point of the space. Selecting the right materials and color palette will beautifully accentuate your cabinetry, countertops and other decorative finishings.


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