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These can be paired with silver or gold metallic paint for a beautiful medieval appearance.  Another popular shade for that year was bright neon colors that added a sharp accent with white or black undertones.  If you prefer modern design in your home a great combination is white walls with black furniture and bright red accents. Other great modern colors are monotone shades such as grey, black, or beige to produce clean and sleek lines in your decorating scheme. A quick visit to your local paint or home improvement store can provide you with numerous samples and swatches to choose the best paint color palette for your room. You can find practically any shade on the paint color wheel for all kinds of designs in your space.


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These stores also give you many options on different colors and brands of paint to select. You can find many Sherwin Williams as well as Behr paint colors so that you can use high quality products on your walls. These interior wall color brands also offer brochures with pictures of new ideas for your home décor. The images give you painting ideas of different color palettes that match well together as well as good ideas on how to paint a room. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or looking for wall paint colors for a living room, there a numerous design ideas to choose from to help you create your dream home. For a more creative design in your room you can choose textured wall paint to spice up your design. This can be produced by selecting a wall colour such as a dark blue or red as the base color.


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Next, using a textured brush or roller choose another interior wall paint to go over this base coat. A great combination of kitchen wall colors is a dark shade of red with a gold hue on top as the texture. This can create a beautiful rustic and traditional look that can be great in your home. if you would like to add this look to other spaces in your home you can combine a dark shade of blue with a textured silver for some stunning bathroom paint colors. There are numerous wall color ideas to choose from so that you acan create the best look in every room of your house. Simply changing the shade on the walls can be a great way to revamp your space in a quick and simple fashion.


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