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Thinking about painting your walls a new color? Well there are plenty of design ideas to choose from! You can easily remodel any space in your home simply by coating the walls with a new color. There are numerous paint colors and designs to choose from to give your home a designer look. You can choose traditional colors and paint your walls neutral shades like beige or white, or you can go for something more creative and unique and paint them neon colors or dark shades. Our site provides you with some of the most popular walls paint colors of 2014 and other years so that you can color your rooms with the latest trends. Using the most popular wall color trends in your home can give it a great look that is up to date with the styles of today.


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Head to your local home improvement store today and pick up some wall paint and give your space a brand new look. Even if you are not an expert at painting, you can easily make changing your home designed wall colors a simple do it yourself project. Here at home design pictures, you can find inspiration for the best kitchen paint colors online or with help from your local paint store. Here you can get great tips on the best colors to put in every room of your house. Search through online photos of different color schemes to find the perfect shade for your home. You can find the latest trends in bedroom paint colors from 2014 and 2016 so that you can have the perfect shades in your home. Additionally, you can find online tutorials and how to paint walls so that you can learn the best techniques.


Wall Colors 2016

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Learning how to paint a room can be quick and easy with online tutorials and you can get the best tips on different designs for your wall paint color schemes. these online videos can also provide you with reviews of the best paint brands to choose from so that you have the highest quality product out there. If you are looking for some of the best paint colors 2016 look for lighter shades. Home design is changing, and the top wall design colors this year are shifting towards softer shades of blues, greens, purples, and yellow. These hues act as amazing paint colors for walls and look great in any room, including the kithen, bathroom, and living room. These are different colors than the most popular wall colors in 2016 which were darker more traditional shades. Last year dark tones of red, purple, or blue were the most popular home colors to choose from.


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