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A quick and easy way to give any space in your home a brand new look is to change the paint colors on the wall. Choose from among the top 2016 room paint colors to keep your space up to date with the latest fashion trends. By simply changing the paint colors on the wall, you can make your rooms look brand new at very little cost. Whether you wish to paint the interior or exterior of your home, there are many options to choose from. From neutrals to cool shades to bright colors, there are countless room painting ideas to select that can make for a quick and easy spruce up of your space. Here we offer some of the best room color ideas to help you design your new look.


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You do not need to be an experienced painter to be able to give your home a quick and easy renovation. Learning how to choose paint colors can be a simple process. Grab a paint color wheel and find a variety of shades for any décor. Behr paint colors are a wonderful brand to choose from for its durability and versatility. No matter which room you are renovating, behr has some great paint color schemes idea to choose from. For example, modern décor themes are becoming increasingly popular this year. Great dining room paint color ideas for this décor is monochromatic tones, such as greys, whites, and blacks. Accent these tones with a bright contrasting color, such as reds, teals, or orange. These colors can be added in wall art, table accessories, or even carpeting.


2016 Paint Colors

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Glidden paint colors are also among the popular brands when deciding on your new decor. They offer great coverage at affordable costs. Glidden has great kitchen paint colors that will work great for any decorating style. On the paint color chart for popular 2016 ideas are shades of blues and purples. A deep shade of purple on the kitchen walls can be wonderfully accented with teal hues in the adjacent room. Blues can be great paint colors for living room walls because they can open up the space and create a warm welcoming feel. Add a small touch of orange to your décor for a beautiful accent color. These shades are some of the most popular paint colors trending in the year 2016.


Room Wall Colors

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Another great area to redecorate with a quick coat of paint is your bedrooms. For a versatile look, choose neutral paint colors for bedrooms to give the space a relaxing feel. Shades of beige or whites on the wall can brighten up the room by reflecting light and giving the illusion of a larger space. These are some of the best paint colors to choose from for a renovation too because they can easily match any existing décor. If you are looking to add a new coat of paint to your exterior, there are many options to choose from as well. Simple shades of brown, white, light yellows, and light greens are among the most popular exterior shades. However, if you want to stand out on your street, you can opt for more vibrant shades like blues or purples. No matter what space you are redecorating there are countless room paint color ideas to choose from to make your home beautiful.


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