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Wall color is a crucial component in the design of a room and can make all the difference between an unsightly space and an attractive and elegant home. It is important to choose the right interior paint for your room because the walls cover more than two thirds of the whole space. If you are unsure of where to start, try looking at a list of the most popular interior paint colors in your local home improvement store. You can sort through a wide variety of trendy paint colors that will match any style and design that you desire. This article will provide you with helpful information and advice on how to choose the best paint colors for your home.


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Color trends change from year to year, depending on the home design style that is popular at that time. One of the best sources for information on the best interior paint for 2014 is your local home improvement store. Behr interior paint colors are a popular and well known brand that offers a large selection of the most stylish and eye-catching hues for your walls. Some of the top interior paint color combinations for this year include Mediterranean blues paired with olive green, rustic greens, reds and plum colors paired with dark charcoal black, or pastel mixtures with shocks of neon accent colors. Another great brand to use is glidden paint colors that offer a high endurance line filled with durable and stain-resistant coverage that will ensure the best overall look for your home.


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Each room of your house has a different atmosphere, and therefore a vastly different color palette option. Paint colors for bedrooms should evoke a calm and peaceful mood with a romantic air to it. The trendiest color options for the bedroom include neutral grays, paired with vibrant reds, blues or greens. Gray is the new black of 2016, providing the perfect backdrop with a neutral and soothing nature. Similarly, paint colors for living room walls should also provide a relaxing environment, however it is important to add vibrant sparks of accent colors to create a lively environment for entertaining friends and family. The best color options for living rooms include neutral beiges, tans and whites, coupled with a bright red or forest green accent wall. This accent wall will create the perfect focal point for the living room.


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When choosing kitchen paint colors it is important to opt for tones that stimulate your appetite while also creating a relaxing ambiance. These colors include country styled yellows and rustic reds that help to whet your palette and provide a comforting mood. Cool blues and grays are also popular paint colors for the kitchen because they create calm and comforting environment. Similarly, cool blues and grays are also great exterior paint colors to use on the outside of your home. In 2016, the most popular outdoor color schemes include softened shades of traditional hues such as dusty red, slate blue, and light greens that present a faultless look. These colors, paired with stark white trim and dark charcoal roofs will that will couple perfectly with a well maintained landscape to create a home design that your neighbors will be envious of.


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