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Many homeowners overlook the significant role a fresh coat of paint can play in redecorating their homes. For example, repainting the walls of your kitchen with an elegant earth tone instead of dull white can do wonders to clean up the room, plus add a dramatic look to the space. However, an important aspect to consider when repainting your home is the brand of paint you choose. Glidden paint is a popular brand among do it yourself homeowners and interior designers alike for its quality and price. Glidden paints come in a multitude of colors for both the interior and exterior of your home, as well as a variety of finishes, making it easy to find a shade that works best in your design. To get you started on your redesign, sample a few swatches of the top 2016 Glidden paint colors to see which shades will be trending this year.


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While some of the most popular 2016 paint colors for the interior of your home are predicted to be dramatic blues, vibrant reds, and elegant burgundies, those that will be trending for the exterior focus on colors such as green, tan, and pale yellow to match the landscape. However, if these are not shades that you envision adorning the walls of your home, take a look at the Glidden paint color chart to see the variety of hues they offer, and how they can be used in various rooms in your home. Tuscan orange and a majestic gold are great paint colors for kitchens because they invoke a feeling of hunger and warmth. On the other hand, soothing blue, turquoise, and tan are more popular paint colors for bedrooms because of the relaxing serenity these hues evoke. After all, bedroom paint colors should help to lull the room’s occupants into a tranquil sleep.


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Viewing an online paint color chart of the hues that Glidden offers is a great way to begin choosing colors for your home, as well as see which shades pair best with each other. While it is important to focus on shades that are in the same family, those on opposite sides of the paint color wheel can make beautiful accents to liven up the room. For example, neutral hues such as tan, beige, and brown are great Glidden paint colors for living room walls because they add pigment without overwhelming the space. However matching a Glidden paint color such as navy blue or turquoise with these tans and browns can add a decorative accent to the room, in a tasteful manner. Regardless of the shades you choose with your new home design, with the quality and variety of Glidden interior paint colors offered, you will be one step closer to creating the home of your dreams.


2016 Glidden Colors

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Choosing living room, bedroom or kitchen paint colors tends to be a slightly easier task for homeowners because they can utilize their interior décor as a model for their designs. However, when searching for the perfect color to use on the exterior of their homes, the do it yourself adventurer can easily get lost in the multitude of paint color swatches that may or may not match their landscaping. But there is no need to fret over this because Glidden offers a room visualizer tool that allows you to see how some of the most popular paint colors in 2016, and past trending shades, will pair with your outdoor landscape.  With this online paint color visualizer you choose from different photo samples, wall and floor layouts and upload your own photo online, then choose from various Glidden exterior paint colors and finishes to see how it will look on your very home!


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