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One of the most important features of your home is the exterior, which is why it is important to find paint colors that will brighten and compliment your house. After all, the outside of your home is the first thing your neighbors and guests will see, so choose a look that will make all your neighbors envious. Because there are so many exterior paint color combinations, it is important to choose one that matches best with the landscaping surrounding your home, as well as the interior décor. By choosing hues that flatter both the plants outside of your home, and your interior design, you will be able to create a beautiful look that covers a larger space.  This article will help you find the top 2016 exterior paint colors so you can begin rejuvenating your home, inside and out.


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Exterior house paint comes in a variety of shades and finishes, which can make it a little difficult to decide on your color scheme. For example, Behr exterior paint colorsprovides almost every shade of the rainbow in finishes such as flat, matte, satin and gloss. Luckily most home improvement and paint stores have a free color simulator which help home owners envision their different design plans. This type of visualizer allows you upload a picture of your house and overlay different colors schemes to see exactly what it will look like. Have you ever wondered how your home would look in a dark green or some of the other most popular 2016 paint colors? Now it is easier than ever to imagine this! Plus the variety of exterior paint color charts provided at most stores can help you to choose hues that accent each other for sleek and accentuating design.


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Some of the best paint color ideas that are trending this year include using coastal schemes, historic hues, or modern shades. Creams, golds, bluish grays, and deep pinks provide enticing historic and colonial designs, while slate gray, rustic red, and stark white offer a more modern look. While some homeowners assume that the best exterior paint colors for house are darker, more neutral shades, trends from recent years offer more upbeat and vibrant designs. For a unique “suburban” modern scheme, look to Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors in maple, ambers, forest greens and stark blues. Other distinctive exterior paint schemes include more traditional brown, gray and navy hues, or sandy brown, lively yellows and fiery oranges for an island design.


Top 2016 Paint Colors

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Not only are exterior paint colors important, but the finish plays an important part in your home design. The best exterior paint for doors and windows typically have a satin or gloss finish, while high gloss tends to be better for trim and decorative fixtures. Exterior paints in a flat/matte sheen tend to hide nicks, marks, and blemishes better.  Satin finishes are ideal for exterior painting because they are often easier to clean. Glidden exterior paint colors come in high endurance flat, satin, and gloss finishes, which make them more durable than other products. For more exterior paint color ideas and information about the variety of finishes, browse through our other articles. You will be sure to find designs and ideas that will help make the outside of your home look exceptional!


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