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A quick and easy way to give your home a new look and increase the curb appeal would be to paint the exterior a new color. There are countless color option to choose from to match any existing style and d├ęcor. From brown to gray, to yellow or green, there are endless opportunities to discover on the paint color wheel. No matter the material your home is made of, there is exterior paint that will easily go on any kind of surface. Our site can provide you tips and tricks to finding the best exterior house paint, as well as provide you with inspiration for your design plan. Search through our site for some of the most popular exterior paint colors in 2016 so that you can give your home a new makeover that will match the trends of this year.


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The first step in your popular exterior paint color combinations for your diy project is to determine the style and color you want your house. A great way to help you with these decisions is to search through our photo galleries of the top exterior paint color ideas in 2016. Here you will find countless images of various design ideas as well as some of the best exterior paint ideas. Many people think that the most common surface to paint a house would be wood or other easily paintable siding. However, for a unique modern look you can opt to paint your brick. Searching through pictures can even be a great way to find exterior paint reviews to see what brands and colors are rated the best when choosing your exterior paint colors. In out exterior house paint colors and photos gallery you will find a wide variety of ideas to choose from so that you can make the outside of your house look stunning.


Exterior Color Ideas

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One paint brand that has an excellent reputation for offering some of the best paint colors and high quality products is Behr. Behr exterior paint is made to be extremely durable and withstand rough weather as well as wear and tear. You can find this brand paint at your local home improvement or specialty paint stores. Behr paint colors come in many different options and combinations. Take a visit to their online website for unique design tools such as a paint color visualizer. This tool allows you to create a wide variety of exterior paint color combinations using a picture of your own home so that you can see what it will look like. Behr’s website also offers unique design ideas for exterior paint colors for houses, by showing you popular design trends this year. Take a trip to your local home improvement store today to pick up some paint color samples to get started on your project.


Exterior House Paint

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Another great brand when it comes to exterior home paint colors is Sherwin Williams. Like Behr paint, this brand is available at any local home improvement store or specialty paint store near you. There are a wide variety of options available on their paint color charts that will allow you to select any shade for our exterior. Sherwin Williams paint colors come in a vast array of shades, and the paint is a high quality product that will be durable and keep its shade for years to come. They also have useful tools on their website that will help you learn how to choose exterior paint colors. They have an inspiration gallery that shows you some of the most popular outdoor paint colors that people are using this year. Common shades this year are gray, blues, and light greens. There are many different exterior paint schemes to choose from when designing the new look of your home.


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