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Choosing exterior paint colors for your home can seem like a daunting task. The outside of your house is one of the most important features of your home because it is the first thing you see. The best colors for houses will accentuate the features of your architecture and enhance the curb appeal. But how do you choose the perfect paint color ideas for homes? This article will help even the most indecisive DIY homeowner make that decision. The most popular exterior paint colors in 2016 focus on three different color palettes- cool, neutral and warm. The color palette that you choose will be determined by the style of your home as well as your personal preference. However, keep in mind that it is best to use hues that fall on the lighter end of the paint color wheel than darker because they attract less heat. Some of the top exterior paint colors for homes include neutral tones such as tan, white, and cream.


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Neutral shades are often thought of as best for interior paint colors, however these are also a great choice for the outside of your house because they contrast nicely against the vibrant colors of your shrubbery and vegetation, thus enhancing the look of your home. If you are looking for a more vivacious color scheme for your home, you are in luck. Color trend forecasters predict that cool shades such as blues, greens and grays will make an appearance in 2016. Cool color schemes evoke a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The most popular exterior paint colors 2016 using cool tones include coastal blue, olive green, and graphite gray. Blue is one of the most used house paint colors this year. Not only does it evoke a soothing mood but this color is classic, sophisticated and has maintained its ranking in as the go-to color in interior and exterior design.


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Olive green is a top exterior paint colors for homes as it enhances the look of your home by blending with the natural colors of the outdoors. Another hue that falls under the best home paint colors for this year is gray. Make sure to choose lighter shades of gray for your home makeover because dark colors tend to attract heat, which can damage your paint job. When choosing a more colorful scheme for your exterior painting, consider coating your window frames and doors with light, neutral colors. Most recent design trends suggest that Behr exterior paint colors such as white and ivory are the top choices to use on woodwork for doors and windows because it contrasts nicely with the vibrant colors of your exterior walls.


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You can also sort through a multitude of pictures of exterior paint colors for homes to help get some inspiration for your remodeling project.  You can even search specific types of style such as contemporary, modern, or Victorian to help pick your favorite design scheme. If you are unsure of what exterior paint color combinations to use, consider using a free paint color visualizer to help you discover the best color groupings for your home. This type of tool allows you to experiment with different types of paint colors to see which schemes you like best. As one of the top brands, Sherwin Williams paint colors allows you to upload your own pictures to test various color combinations to determine which is best for your house.


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