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Dining Room Colors


Are you looking for a way to spruce up your formal dining space, but do not have a hefty budget to work with? One very easy, and inexpensive, way to update your wall décor and change the look of your home is to apply a fresh coat of paint. This will not only help this space to look cleaner but it will also transform it into an entirely new room depending on the color you choose. Some of the best dining room paint color ideas pair vibrant hued walls with natural woods and bright white ceilings to keep the space open. It is predicted that some of the most popular dining room colors in 2016 will focus on hues of burnt orange, robust burgundy, and dramatic shades of blue. With these changing trends, why not update your living and dining rooms to keep your home current and stylish for the New Year?


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When updating your home start by searching for simple dining room ideas such as applying new paint and hanging decorative pictures, before turning to the more extravagant ventures of purchasing new furniture or building a new room. Although there are a variety of bargain stores where you can purchase cheap dining room table sets, it can sometimes be more beneficial, and wallet friendly, to buy a $20 can of paint. For example, in small dining rooms, something as simple as painting the ceiling white and purchasing new lighting can do wonders to open up the space and make it seem bigger. Here we can provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to updating this space, plus some unique dining room wall paint color ideas that will get you started on your diy renovation.


Top 2016 Paint Colors

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In the past, popular room paint colors have focused on shades such as red, gold, and green that induce hunger and evoke a relaxing feeling. However, in 2016 designers are including more colors of the wheel, suggesting that vibrant shades of purple, turquoise, burgundy and orange are also suiting for this space depending on your style. For contemporary homes, our experts suggest focusing on neutral colors such as beige, tan and white, paired with a dramatic blue accent hue. On the other hand popular modern paint colors tend to focus on gray, black, and bright red, with elegant chrome fixtures as the accent. Regardless of your style, you will want to make sure the hues you choose for your dining space match the décor of the rest of your home. Therefore keep in mind your kitchen, hallway, and living room paint colors when redesigning your dining space.


Dining Room Ideas

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While the best kitchen paint colors include pale yellow, deep greens, vivid blues, and bright reds, many are concerned that these vibrant shades will not look good in the dining room. However, these hues are expected to be trending in the new year, with many homeowners moving towards more a more dramatic style in the living room. In fact, the top 2016 paint colors for the dining room are expected to be warm shades of orange, deep blue, and burgundy, paired with clean lines, neutral flooring, and a lot of natural light. Utilize natural pale wood round tables in this space and you will have created a look straight out of designer magazines! Regardless of your style, with the wide variety of trending shades, you are sure to find many colors for dining room walls that fit your home and personality, so start searching for DIY design ideas today!


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