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When it comes to selecting the right color scheme for your room, there are a lot of paints to choose from. Not only are there a wide variety of colors to pick from, but there are also a large selection of brands. One great brand to choose for your renovations that is great quality and will provide long lasting color is Benjamin Moore paints. No matter what your do it yourself project is, Benjamin more stores offer paints for any kind of remodel. Whether you're putting a new coat on the walls in the interior or exterior of your home, you can find some of the most popular Benjamin Moore colors to keep your space up to date with the latest trends. Our site offers some great tips and tricks using the top 2016 Benjamin Moore paint colors to help you create a beautiful design in your house.


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You may be wondering who sells Benjamin Moore paint, well many stores carry this brand. You can find paint chips at any local home improvement or paint store. You can even get Benjamin Moore paint samples at their online store. Visit their website for great ideas and tips for the best colors and finishes for your space. Find popular paint colors for 2016 in their special “Painting Ideas” section to find the most popular trends of today. Here you can find a variety of paint color schemes that can beautifully match any design style. Some of the Benjamin Moore colors that are popular for the upcoming year are pastel shades of blue, green, gray, purple, and yellow, with accents of darker hues of each. Having the most popular interior paint colors in 2016 incorporated into you home design can allow you to keep your space up to date in the latest style trends.


Benjamin Moore Colors

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Looking at Benjamin Moore’s popular paint color chart you can find some of the best shades for each room in your house. Some great paint colors for bedrooms include beautiful shades of green. The color of the year for Benjamin more is Guilford green, which is a beautiful light shade that promotes a tranquil and relaxing feel. This shade would look wonderful in any bedroom paired with shades of browns and white as accents. Another great room in your house to remodel is a living room. Some great paint colors for living room include light shades of violet and purple. These are trending in the design world for 2016, pair these shades with white or black furniture and accessories for a stunning appearance.


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If you're looking to renovate the outside of your home, there are a wide variety of samples to choose from on the paint color wheel. You can search online for reviews of the best shades for outdoors and find paint prices as affordable costs. Whether you're changing the sides of your house or stain on wood, Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors come in a variety of shades and finishes. Visit the design page on their website to learn great tips on how to paint or stain the outside of your home for the best results. No matter the area of your home you want to remodel, there are countless shades and brands of paint to choose from. whether you opt to go for Benjamin Moore or Behr paint colors, you can find high quality and long lasting shades to have only the best in your home.


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