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The latest decorating trends in 2016 feature master bedrooms as more than just sleeping areas. Spa themes have become very popular in master bedrooms and are now being extended to transform the entire master suite into a peaceful oasis. You’ll find many master bedroom design ideas and pictures on our site that show you how to incorporate traditional spa elements such as wood, stone and bamboo into your bedroom design. These features also pair well with contrasting materials such as stainless steel and high-gloss laminates found in more modern décor. Another popular bedroom design trend is a furnished lounge area featuring sofas, chairs or chaise loungers to create a quiet retreat that can be enjoyed both day and night.


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When it comes to master bedroom ideas, 2016 is the year of the diy makeover. Browse through our collection of master bedroom photos for inspiration and make a list of the top 5-10 design elements you want to incorporate in your space. One thing the most beautiful master bedrooms all have in common is consistency throughout the finished look.  So in addition to materials, fabrics and paint colors, pay special attention to architectural features such as door and window frames, baseboards, crown molding and hardware. Once you’ve collected a sampling of your favorite decorating elements, assemble an inspiration board to use as a foundation for your design scheme. Then try out our virtual designer software to experiment with furniture placement with this easy bedroom design tool and preview your overall design layout online.


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In 2016, the best bedroom designs are often inspired by your personal decorating and remodeling interests. Our collection of design pictures features a wide range of vintage, classic and contemporary master bedroom design ideas that incorporate a variety of lifestyle elements. Browse through our free online photo gallery to find the most popular pictures of master bedrooms inspired by nature, industry, art, music, movement and much more. If you’re trying to do your bedroom makeover on a budget, be sure to look at our tips and tricks for simple bedroom ideas that will help you create a brand new look for a fraction of the cost of a full bedroom remodel. With the right layout, even a small master bedroom can accommodate a comfortable chair or floor cushion to create a cozy nook for reading or meditating.


Simple Bedroom Ideas

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When looking for inspirational do it yourself design ideas for bedrooms, consider starting with color. The most popular master bedroom wall colors are neutral whites, calming pastels and other soft color palates. However, the latest design trends for 2016 include the use of bold, bright colors strategically incorporated into the design layout. Our site features several master bedroom ideas that demonstrate how to use contrasting colors to create dramatic focal points and anchor the overall decorating scheme. For bedroom designs on a budget, a simple change in bedding can make the difference between outdated and outstanding.  By keeping furnishings classic and timeless, you can enjoy a new look year after year by simply updating comforters or duvet covers, sheet sets and decorative pillow cases to reflect current and seasonal trends.


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