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Creating your best bedroom designs with a DIY makeover is one of the most satisfying ways to update your home’s décor.  If you don’t have the time or desire to do a complete bedroom remodel, you can still achieve a fresh new look with new bedding, pillows and window décor. Even a simple change of paint colors or a single accent wall can have a big impact on the ambience. Our online photo gallery is full of design ideas for bedrooms that will help you create the perfect environment for you to start and end your day. Browse through our collections of the best bedroom ideas and pictures to see the latest decorating trends, from spa-inspired master bedroom designs to cozy retreats for smaller bedrooms, and find the design scheme that works best for your personality and your home. If you’re not sure how to choose a decorating theme, just keep in mind that when it comes to bedroom ideas, the more personal the better!


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In 2016, bedroom design ideas are taking inspiration from other previously popular areas of the house. Interior design ideas for the living room, for example, are making their way into large master suites. Our latest collection of master bedroom designs features design layouts that include fireplaces, sitting areas and even small reading libraries. You don’t have to be a professional bedroom designer to achieve an award-winning look. Start by creating an inspiration board with photos of bedroom ideas that you love and make a list of the design elements that you want to incorporate into your own decorating plan. Even if you have limited space to work with, our gallery is full of beautiful small bedroom ideas that work in any size space. In fact, one of the hottest trends for modern bedrooms is a clean, minimalist design, which is ideal for small room layouts and promotes a calm, peaceful atmosphere for sleeping.


Bedroom Design Ideas

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If you’ve got a teenager in the house, they’ll definitely want a hand in creating their own unique bedroom designs. Our photo gallery of teen bedroom ideas features the newest trends for 2016, including unique wall décor and creative painting ideas. Individuality is a key factor in all bedroom interior design and it’s even more important for teens who are interested in the latest styles. Take inspiration from their favorite sports team, current fashions or other hobbies and interests for personalized bedroom wall colors and don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual color combinations or faux paint finishes to make even the most common colors seem new. Bold pops of color either on an accent wall or in pillows and other décor elements are a great way to incorporate the latest decorating trends without a huge (and expensive) bedroom makeover.


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For younger children, some simple bedroom ideas in 2016 are trending away from traditional children’s décor towards more modern aesthetics that teens and adults appreciate as well. Contemporary bedrooms for kids may feature large pieces of wall art or bold painting details. For example, the best bedroom designs in boys rooms include new twists on old standbys such as a nautical-themed room with a life-sized anchor or submarine port window on an accent wall to create a dramatic focal point. The most popular bedroom designs for girls is still a variation on the traditional princess theme, but with modern nuances such as incorporating masculine colors like purple, blue, green and gray into a softer decorating scheme. Check out our photo gallery for more unique girls bedroom ideas.


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